Friday, December 18, 2009

Guesstures: Bible Edition

Guesstures: Bible Edition
(Party Game)

Number of Player : 2-24 players
Time needed : 30 mins or more

ACT UP! ACT OUT! ACT FAST! Guesstures® The best selling game of split-second charades now comes in a fun-filled BIBLE EDITION! QUICK! You only have few short seconds per word! Your four words this round are "Baptize," "Cross," "Moses" and "Lamb". It looks easy, but it's not. As soon as your team guesses the word on the card - grab it before it gets swallowed by the card-hungry MIMER TIMER®. Then hurry on to the next card! The harder the word, the more points it's worth. Grab the most points to win!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's Available : 23rd Feb 2010

This is our currently list of games available for rental and their respective rental price per week. Click on the game to find out more about the game.

**3 days rental also available at 40% off the weekly rental price

1. Agricola @ $25
2. Battlelore @ $25
3. Bohnanza @ $10
4. BANG @ $10
5. Carcassonne @ $15 (expansions also available)
6. Citadels with dark city expansion @ $10
7. Guesstures: Bible Edition @ $15
7. Hedbanz @ $12
8. Jungle Speed $10
9. Loots @ $6
10. Mr Jack @ $20
11. No Thanks! @ $5
12. Saboteur @ $6
13. Settlers of Catan @$20
14. Pandemic @$20
15. Puerto Rico @ $20
16. Pit Deluxe @ $6
17. Pictionary Man @ $15
17. Time's Up: Title recall @ $12
18. Taboo (Singapore Edition) @ $14

If there is any game that you like but is unable to find it in our list of games available, kindly email us the game you looking to rent at We will try our very best to bring in the game for you also offer you a quote on the price

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Pictionary Man

Pictionary Man
(Party Game)

Number of Player : 2 Teams
Time needed : 30 mins

Pictionary Man™ combines the classic game of Pictionary™ with charades, with hilarious results. Get your personal clues from the bottom of the Pictionary Man™'s foot, and use a variety of fun accessories to help your teammates along. It's up to you to draw, act out and get your teammates to guess the correct word. Pictionary Man™ combines drawing, electronic clues, and interactive accessories for a whole new way to play Pictionary™.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pit Deluxe

Pit Deluxe

Number of Player : 3 - 10 players
Time needed : 90 mins

In this loud, real-time trading game, players are given the task of cornering the market in one type of commodity. There are as many suits as there are players, and all the cards are dealt out at the start of each round.

When the trading begins, each players offer sets of cards to each other in the hopes of completing a set for themselves. If you're successful, you ring the bell and shout out, "Corner on wheat!" (or whatever your commodity is). You then score points depending on which it was - some are more valuable than others. There are two cards labeled Bull and Bear that may be used to add wild/penalty cards to the gameplay making it more interesting and challenging.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Loyalty Program

Friends of RentaBoardGame

5% off rental price of weekly rental

How to you become Friends of RentaBoardGame

1. Rent games with us for at least 5 times;
2. Maintain a good standing with us (eg. no late returns, no damages to game, no items lost).

Very simple right?!!
As long as you fulfill the above, you can be a Friends of RentaBoardGame for life - No expiry date!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Number of players: 3 - 5
Time needed: 90 mins

The players are plantation owners in Puerto Rico. Growing up to five different kind of crops: Corn, Indigo, Coffee, Sugar and Tobacco. Players must try to run their business more efficiently than their close competitors; growing crops and storing them efficiently, developing San Juan with useful buildings, deploying their colonists to best effect, selling crops at the right time, and most importantly, shipping their goods back to Europe for the victory point you need to win the game.

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